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Features of script PHP, MySQL Arfooo Directory

Arfooo Directory is an open source software combining all the features desired by webmasters.
Actual, easily administrable rallying simplicity and ease of use through the MVC architecture.

Arfooo Directory is developed with the latest technologies: PHP 5 (object-oriented programming), JavaScript and Ajax.

Arfooo Directory is compatible PHP 5, MySQL 4.1 + and uses UTF-8.
Your new directory is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict or transitionnal according to the needs and CSS 2.0

Below functionality Arfooo Directory :

Main features

  • The main pages (top-hits, top-notes, top-rank, top-referrers, keywords) are activated or disabled (on or off) according to your wishes.
  • Multi-template : Change the appearance of your very simply through templates engine: template lite.
  • Multilingual System : Currently available in English / French.
  • System cached pages of directory for a generation time very impressive with a very small number of queries to the database close to 0..
  • URL rewriting : Rewriting the Urls for better indexing in search engines with management anti-duplicate content.
  • Title and metas tags dynamic with pagination (page 1, page 2 ...) mentioned in the title tag and meta tag description for a listing optimal on all pages of your phone book because none of the same title.
  • Keywords : Thanks to keywords, sites will have the opportunity to select specific terms to improve their ranking.
  • Top-referrers : The sites included a backlink to your directory will participate in top-referrers and are entitled to an additional backlink.
  • The top-referrers will be reset to 0 all "X" days.
  • Management backlinks included in the registration form with a scanner to find out if the backlinks are always present on the site of the webmaster.

Management System advertising (adsense) very powerful

  • Establish criteria for advertising customizable and unlimited..
    Each criterion can your/one/several/ adsense code (Javascript) and code (x)HTML/CSS to customize the display.
    You have many places to display your advertising: header, menu on the left and right but also between each site.
    Each location is independently activated and disabled and those for each page of the directory.
    You can also predefine the positions of adsenses for categories, sites and keywords in order not to have to redefine the position for each location.
    This powerful manager will allow you to cancel your advertising categories and/or sites whose theme does not display all of this in a very simple and intuitive.

Administration and management of sites

  • A single administrator can manage all the features of the directory but can also administer accounts...
  • Multi-moderators : Their role is to validate/delete/modify/banish sites pending. They do not have access to sites previously treated to secure the contents of your database. Statistics for each account are available to keep an eye on your moderators..
  • Area members activated or disabled (on or off) allowing management by the webmasters of their sites. They will thus add / delete / modify their sites easily.
  • Registration sites may be suspended at any time.
  • Opportunity to validate sites manually or automatically..
  • You have emails presets for the refusal or validation of sites. Each email can be modified easily in the administration. You can also send a personalized message to each site on hold.
    Simply choose your type of email: predefined or customized predefined knowing that is the default.
  • Show a number of sites "X" on the index of the directory randomly generated. Choose a period in the days before automatic generation of new sites.
  • Show whether a picture or not to each category. You can also view a different image of your choice for each category.
  • Recovery Automatic miniatures sites thanks to the service of your choice without identifying the URL in the registration form. Be sure to include the URL of the service in the configuration. The url is usually in this form:
  • Repatriate miniatures : miniatures are copied to your site for an increased speed.
  • PageRank, command link: and site: Google activated or disabled with the possibility of caching for faster.
  • 2 methods are available to recover the Pagerank, orders link: and site: Google. The first uses your server, but if your server does not allow it while the second method is to retrieve this information through a remote server at your disposal.
  • Google sitemap : Improve your speed indexing in the search engine is more widely used.
  • Interaction visitors : Your visitors can rate, comment or report a problem for each site indexed in your directory.
  • Form contact included.
  • An RSS flux is available for the remaining sites and for each category and subcategory.
  • Statistics : There are many statistics (number of sites indexed, refused, banished, number of categories, keywords, webmasters) activated or disabled.


  • Anti-robots : A security code (captcha) allows you to fight robots and spam. A button can generate a new security code to understanding by the webmaster. The security code is activated or disabled (on or off) at each location where it is present.
  • Encryption of passwords: Each password is encrypted and unencrypted never appears.
  • Each user (administrator, moderators, webmasters) can change the password, but also generate a new one if the user forgets unfortunately it.
  • The directory administrator can banish IPs and emails but also the entire ranks of IPs and emails to guard spammers.

Additional Features

  • Newsletter, mass emails with the number of emails sent per minute configurable but also a progress indicator. Then finally the best for last: Quit your administration without fear of the submission process will freeze because the shipment is in the background.
  • And some other features that I let you discover.

Download our software for free and test it, you will be convinced.
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